This is my first post to support the happy neural networks in your brain, as a counterbalance to the endless stress we are bombarded with 24/7.

Every Sunday I’ll post a letter to your inbox where I’ll share a recipe, introduce you to Ayurveda, connect you to nature and let you know something you can do to shift a stressed brain to a relaxed one. On Wednesdays I’ll send you a note which describes something beautiful to support your feel-good neural networks—as you read the words your positive neural networks should start firing up. On Fridays I’ll post another recipe and weave some words about my gap year that turned into three, where I went deeper into nature at Ecodharma, Embercombe and Schumacher College.

As the months go by I’ll also be creating podcasts, fall asleep stories, yoga nidra and relaxation recordings to support your well-being, and look out for a podcast of me reading my book “Your Peaceful Belly”

Eat Happy

Eating happy is one of the ways I keep my mind and body in a good place. I remember as a kid being told not to play with my food, but I think that advice was wrong because I love playing with food and eating with my fingers. I like sinking my hands into the soil too.

When I was a kid I used to go into the back garden to make mud pies, it was my favourite thing, the more the better. We had a little garden in Charlton, London, I remember there was a wooden bench with crimson peonies and orange marigolds growing around it…and lots of mud pies.

I also love knowing I can feed myself from something out of the ground that I’ve grown, and it’s a great way to connect back to nature, you start really looking forward to the seasons, with each season bringing something special.

My specials this week are beetroot, carrot and wild garlic. I used them to create three pesto recipes, one for each Ayurvedic constitutional type—that doesn’t mean you can’t eat them all! Ayurveda has whole healthcare plans for the different constitutions and there are certain foods and tastes that each constitution needs to eat more of to feel really well. I’ll be sharing all this with you as the weeks go by.

Of course what we feed our mind matters too!

To find out how to light up the neural networks in your brain, and for my recipes check out the full post at: [email protected]

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