Dear ASP member, (especially if you work or live in Dorset!)

We are inviting you to join us in the very first Dorset network meeting for ASP members and other interested parties.

Palm oil is in so many products that a blanket boycott is not feasible, so the best option is sustainable sourcing. Using certified sustainable palm reduces deforestation and enhances biodiversity, in turn protecting orangutans, pygmy elephants, and other endangered and vulnerable species that inhabit these rich forest ecosystems.

Help make Dorset the worlds’ first sustainable palm oil county

What can you do to help us find another FORTY sustainable palm oil champions?

This meeting is primarily to tell you about our pro-bono project – the Dorset Sustainable Palm Oil Community, which is a new initiative to encourage as many Dorset businesses, organisations, schools, tourist attractions, cafes, hotels etc involved in the food sector to switch to sustainable palm oil in their food products that they sell and serve.  We have had significant interest from the Dorset schools, which is great, as it gets this important message to the next generation.  Hopefully sustainable palm oil will be the norm when the students of the champion schools grow up. 

We have to try and bring on board another 40 ‘champions’ (our target was by the end of 2021, but we might have been a little optimistic!), so we would be asking you to get your input into who else to contact, how best to achieve our goal and telling any potential champion about the initiative. Ideally these champions would be businesses that deal with food, particularly businesses, tourist attractions, manufacturers, cafes, hotels, restaurants and fast food outlets as we are lacking on those types. 

We would love it if you felt that you could support and promote our initiative to your contacts after the meeting, as our ambitious aim is try to make Dorset the worlds’ first sustainable palm oil county. 

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As a mini introduction, I work for Efeca, a small team of technical experts on resourcing commodities sustainably. We are based in Dorset, and have worked in over 30 countries, with governments and public sector, with private sector and associations, and with national and international NGOs. 

Lucy Cullinane

Operations Director


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