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Doncaster Businesses Collaborate for the Climate

Highland Carbon has sourced multiple quality carbon projects for its client, SYNETIQ. 

“This is an exceptional, ‘Nature Positive’ project.  We planted a new woodland to join two existing, mature forests – expanding habitat for rare species such as red squirrels, pine martens and capercaillies.  The woodland reduces silty run-off into the great Loch, thereby enhancing water quality for fish, waterfowl, otters and more.  It also benefits locals employed by ecotourism.” 

On behalf of SYNETIQ, an IAA company, Highland Carbon has sourced multiple carbon projects to complement the organisation’s robust decarbonisation plans. The projects include the Sheopur Solar Project in Madhya Pradesh, India – verified by the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism; and the Sah Wind Power Plant located in the Bandirma district of Balikesir and the Karacabey district of Bursa in Turkey – verified by the Gold Standard.  These renewable energy projects avoid CO2 emissions from fossil fuels and support the aims of the UN Paris Agreement in Climate Change.

Highland Carbon also supplied issuance units to SYNETIQ from its Loch Ness Forest project.  As the trees grow, they will sequester carbon within the biomass of their trunks, branches and roots.  The project is registered with Scottish Forestry’s ‘Woodland Carbon Code’ that is recognised by the Scottish and UK Governments.  The project supports the UK’s commitment to the UN Paris Agreement.  According to Richard Clarke, Director of Highland Carbon,

The tourism sector in Scotland employs more than 200,000 people, and the ecotourism element of the sector continues to grow.

SYNETIQ is the UK’s leading vehicle salvage, dismantling and recycling specialist.  Highland Carbon was founded by a zoologist with experience in international and UK conservation projects.  It has won the ‘Best UK Offsets Supplier Award’ annually in recent years.  Both SYNETIQ and Highland Carbon were finalists for Doncaster Chamber of Commerce Green Business Award in 2022.  SYNETIQ was named as Doncaster’s Large Business of the Year by the Doncaster Chamber of Commerce in 2022 and Green Business of the Year in 2021.


Richard Clarke, Managing Director, Highland Carbon,

Helen Smith, Marketing Manager, SYNETIQ

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