I just published my first story on Medium!

As part of my journey as a content writer, I have decided to take to Medium to write a wider variety of content. It will likely be focused on the environment and sustainability like most of my other written work. However, I would like to explore different topics that are of interest.

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“Direct Air Capture is a method of capturing carbon dioxide from the earth’s air. As far as climate change reversal strategies go, Direct Air Capture is one of the few methods that can help to inspire us to make small but meaningful change. This method is designed to recycle CO2 after it has been captured, helping to provide not only a positive solution to the issues we face with air pollution, but it is also an inventive and creative way to harness our excess CO2 .

Atmospheric CO2 levels are at the highest ever recorded, making Direct Air Capture a necessary solution but also an exciting one. Not only do we have the chance to make our air cleaner, but to use the CO2 collected to make carbon neutral fuels! It truly is two for the price of one.

Understanding how technologies like these helps our planet can inspire other to make other meaningful change, create new climate saving solutions and help to ease our anxiety. Everyone can do their bit towards saving the planet, even if it just means learning about what more options and solutions there are out there. We don’t need one perfect solution. What we need is for many people be inspired to make just the smallest of changes.”

In this article I explore:

What is Direct Air Capture?

How does Direct Air Capture work?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Direct Air Capture?

Why planting trees won’t be enough

… and much more

The full article: Direct Air Capture

Photo by Soubhagya Maharana

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