Jane Shaw will discuss the need for inspiring visions of degrowth – visions that bring communities together, rather than dividing them.

Degrowth has been embraced by many in the sustainability community. But, as environmental issues become more politicised and polarising, we need to ask ourselves some hard questions about whether the word itself means degrowth will be rejected before it’s even been considered.

What can we do to ensure degrowth gets a fair hearing across social and political divides?

How can we ensure that degrowth doesn’t fall victim to the sorts of myths and conspiracies that have beset 15 minute cities, renewable energy and climate change?

And can we even make it attractive when it’s untried, unexplored and still evolving?

Jane will bring together ideas and concepts from communications, behavioural science and the degrowth movement, leading into a discussion about what we as practitioners can do to ensure degrowth doesn’t become yet another pawn in the ‘them and us’ narrative that we see so often.

About Jane

Jane Shaw is an ethical marketer and environmental communicator who helps activists, individuals and businesses to talk about climate change and environmental issues in ways that make change happen. 

She is currently experimenting with her own version of post-growth living, which is a great excuse for four day weeks, watching whales from the beach, and spending more time in the veggie garden than she’d ever have given her former self permission to do.

Image: Agnieszka Palmowska

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