The Organisation for Responsible Business, ORB, is absolutely delighted to receive the Corporate LiveWire national award for Excellence and Innovation as it bears testament to our commitment, hard work, and achievements since we launched in 2010.

As I am sure ASP members will understand that the early years were extremely challenging. When talking with small business owners then, we could see the proverbial glazed look and a response ‘we recycle!’

But while we still have much to do, we are excited by the changes we are now witnessing.

We are excited by the number of people, especially millennials, walking away from lucrative corporate careers and starting their own businesses to ‘feed their souls.’

We are excited by the number of small businesses that have the courage to nail their colours to the mast and shout loud and clear that they will only work with responsible, values-based businesses.

We launched with a mission to change the world, one small business at a time. We shall continue to drive that mission forward because we passionately believe that small businesses are leading the movement for a better way of doing business.

It is small businesses that have the greatest potential to realise the positive societal impacts we so desperately need.

We do hope more ASP members that are micro and small businesses or that work with them will apply for membership of ORB and help us continue to drive the movement for a better way of doing business.

Jill Poet

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