It is no secret that the most extreme weather events have the greatest impact in regions far from the factories and cities where the highest carbon emissions are created. While many rural communities lack the resources to mitigate and manage these disasters, those of us in industrialised nations lack an understanding of the full impact of our work and lifestyle choices. Rituraj Phukan lives in Assam which is already experiencing 1.3 degrees of global warming. He is the National Coordinator for Biodiversity for The Climate Reality Project India, Chief Operating Officer of Walk For Water, and Secretary-General of Green Guard Nature Organization and he has first-hand experience of the impacts of climate change in the polar frontiers of the Arctic and Antarctic, in the Himalayas and across India.

In this presentation, Rituraj will explain how relentless weather events are reshaping indigenous communities in Assam and how these communities are responding with foresight, resilience, and action.

Rituraj is passionate about Climate Justice and believes this can be facilitated through organisations and corporations in the industrialised world gaining insight from the experiences, resilience, and ingenuity of these indigenous communities.

Can we as coaches help Rituraj link indigenous wisdom with Western sustainability practices?

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