Since having a life changing Cerebellar Stroke in April 2021 I am working to support and advocate for #strokesurvivors through the Wessex ISDN as patient representative. My main focus currently is as Co-Director and Music Leader at Babigloo Music Babies and I’ve delivered workshops at Early Years Music online conferences. This role has a large body of online work due to COVID Lockdown.

I have had a career of 35 years in many aspects of youth and community work in the voluntary sector and local authorities, including EU Youth in Action programme exchanges, SEND Information, Advice and Support (IAG Level 4, IPSEA Level 3). My video editing, web design, writing and PR experience is also an integral part to Babigloo work.

As part of the ‘No Borders’ Training team (Cherbourg, France 2015, 2017, 2019 Caen 2021 – EX-TRA) I am committed to inclusive practice, experiential learning for youth workers and young people and the sharing of individual cultures that make us unique and similar. I love the creativity of these exchanges of ideas, skills and perceptions and always learn so much from the training, including the use of technology in our creativity together.

I have been involved in the EU ‘Youth in Action’ Programme inter-cultural work since 2011 in Normandy, France, Erfurt, Germany 2013, Hungary 2014 and Normandy, France 2015.

I was a participant in the ‘EUROMED’ Partnership Training (Alencon, France) and the BiTri Erasmus+ training December (Cardiff, Wales 2013)

I also co-led exchanges to the Republic of Ireland 2014 and 2015 as part of anti-social behaviour initiatives in Poole.

I write and perform as well as working in site-specific theatre and street theatre.

Since 2015 I have been part of the Poole-Cherbourg Twinning Association and have participated regularly in the work of Maison Pour Tous Leo Lagrange, Cherbourg, which I see as my ‘pedagogical home’. In this role I have hosted representatives from Cherbourg in Poole.

Previous roles as a Freelance Artist and Project Manager included successful grant applications to Arts Council England, National Heritage Lottery applications, Youth Music Charity and other small grant funders.

I use 1:1 and group work skills to animate people on a range of subjects.

Areas of interest experience and study:

Anger Management
Behaviour Management
Disenfranchised young people and communities
Exclusion (Inclusion)
Full Time qualified Youth and Community Worker 1990-2016 BA in Youth Studies
Heritage/ Oral History – especially Folk and valuing working class experiences
Advanced Diploma in Special Needs in Education (Inclusion)
Level 4 NVQ in Information Advice and Guidance
D.A.S.E. module in HIV Health Promotion
Single Sex work with Boys, Young Men and Men
Inter-Cultural work through the Erasmus+ EU Youth in Action programme
SALTO training
Independent Supporter and SENDIASS trained for SEN in Education Health and Care Plans etc. IPSEA Level 3 Legal qualified

Currently submitting portfolio for Level 4 CREC certificate in Early Years Music (September 2020)


Twitter: @Colphilli

Instagram: @Colphill


Co-Director of Babigloo music for Babies : Babigloo

Residence: Poole, Dorset,

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