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The second opportunity for consultants, facilitators, lecturers…

ASP is exploring a simple, effective Climate Change workshop called “Climate Fresk” that Members can use to help create a common understanding of climate change, its causes and its consequences.

The aim is for Members, individually, to become trained facilitators and run this workshop for their clients, students or community groups.

Climate Fresk is a collaborative workshop about climate change. Based entirely on the IPCC reports, it can teach anyone the fundamentals of climate science in just 3 hours and empowers participants to spread the knowledge and take effective action.

The workshop can be deployed as an educational tool within any organisation, at scale: businesses like EDF are using it to teach their entire workforce (>150,000 staff) about climate science, while universities across France have incorporated it into their curriculum with over 105,000 students taking part in workshops last year.

You are invited to attend this ONLINE introduction event with Climate Fresk to learn more and assess for yourself the value of this workshop to you and your operations.

This meeting will comprise an introduction to the Climate Fresk workshop and an open discussion exploring the possibilities for ASP Members, in their various roles, to use this with their contacts, and the nature of the relationship between each Member and Climate Fresk.

For interested Members this could lead on to opportunities to experience the course first hand via, either:

  • an online workshop for ASP members outside London
  • or an in-person workshop for ASP members in London

Reserve you place for the ONLINE introductory discussion

AUGUST 18th (Don’t forget to scroll down to accept eventbrite’s T&C’s!)

Feedback from business, education and local government

“We decided to make this workshop part of our onboarding process for any new joiners. It’s great for their knowledge and for Stuart because it really embeds our vision and our mission at the early stage of their journey. When we run the Fresk and you see the spark in your colleagues’ eyes, the excitement of the newfound understanding and what they want to do with it, it’s fantastic.”

Julien Weyl, Head of Sustainability at Stuart

“I have done a lot of climate training over the past years and the reaction I’ve had in the last six months of delivering Climate Fresk has been particularly positive. It has had a much more impactful effect on people and they come to a number of important realisations in a very profound way, very quickly. Even though the workshop is science and the message can be hard to hear, it seems to result in more desire for action than any other climate education work that I’ve done.”

Dr Rina Jones, Local Authorities’ Energy Partnership Manager

“Climate Fresk workshops offer a highly engaging, fun and interactive way of bringing an understanding of the causes, effects and impacts of climate change to our students, helping them understand more deeply ‘the climate problem’ and inspiring them to consider what needs to be done to find a sustainable, systemic solution, and the role they can play in achieving this as agents of change and through their future careers”

Scott Strachan, Senior Teaching Fellow at Strathclyde University

More details of the workshop can be found HERE.

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