“Citizenship & Sustainability in Organizations”

Tuesday 23rd March 16:00-17:30 (UK)


The University of Cumbria’s Initiative for Leadership and Sustainability (IFLAS) and the Institute of Business, Industry and Leadership are delighted to announce the online launch of a new book by two of our academic staff:

Citizenship and Sustainability of Organizations: Exploring and Spanning the Boundaries, edited by David F. Murphy and Alison Marshall and published in January 2021.

This edited collection is the introductory volume of a new Routledge book series with the same name: ‘Citizenship and Sustainability in Organizations’.

It draws upon new conceptual thinking from some of the leading contributors to The Journal of Corporate Citizenship on topics of social responsibility, organizational citizenship, influencing and leading change for sustainability and individual agency. Chapter authors are influential thinkers, pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking about corporate citizenship and sustainability to generate innovative ideas, models and practices.

The book’s core message is that the contexts within which organizations and individuals act are undergoing significant change and disruption. Existing corporate social responsibility (CSR), corporate citizenship and business sustainability models and frameworks need to be adapted, abandoned or transformed. This book represents a starting point for dialogue about these challenges and presents commentaries, debates, essays and insights that aim to be provocative and engaging, raise some of the important issues of the day and provide observations on what may be too new yet to be the subject of detailed empirical and theoretical studies.

The book is aimed at researchers, students and practitioners in the fields of corporate citizenship, sustainability, CSR, business ethics, corporate governance and critical management and leadership studies.

A number of chapter authors will be joining us including Prof. Sandra Waddock (Boston College), Prof. Clare Seaman (Queen Margaret University), Prof. Dr. Lars Moratis (Antwerp Management School), Allen White (Tellus Institute), among others.


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Details of how to purchase the book with a 20% dscount at Routledge Paperbooks Direct can be found in this PDF. Download:  citizenship-sustainability-in-organizations-book-flyer

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