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Change for the better needs political leadership. Dr. Sally Campbell

“That Human Ecology in 2023 is in trouble primarily because humanity has been enslaved by capital rather than capital serving humanity. In the last 100 years, and increasingly so in the last 50 years, so the world in which people and nature co-exist harmoniously has been fed to capitalism, the market, the powerful, the lobbyists”.

Post Picture © David Shrigley 2023

It has been a bad summer for climate news: fires, droughts, floods, loss of crops, a huge increase in those seeking asylum due to war and climate emergencies, with hundreds drowning in the Mediterranean and Atlantic, melting glaciers in the Arctic and Antarctica. Thousands of emperor penguin chicks across four colonies in Antarctica are believed to have died because of record-low sea ice levels that caused a “catastrophic breeding failure” in late 2022, according to new research. Is that enough bad news to make us act differently?

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