Centre for Thriving Places was founded in 2010, with the aim to change the economic compass from pointing to consumption and growth toward wellbeing economics for people, place and planet.

We bring this vision to life through place-based strategic consulting, training and our evidence-based measurement tools the Thriving Places Index and Happiness Pulse.

We work with local authorities, organisations and individuals to provide practical pathways to measure, understand and improve wellbeing.

2020: New name, same focus

In 2020 we changed our name from Happy City to Centre for Thriving Places. Although this represents an exciting new phase in the organisation’s development, it doesn’t mean we’ve moved away from our focus on putting wellbeing economics into practice.


Read about our choice to rename here.

Our values

Our values guide our work – how we deliver and how our clients and partners experience their work with us.

Be courageous and visionary

  • We are committed to creating deep-rooted change
  • We challenge ourselves and the system
  • We name root causes and unspoken assumptions

Be rigourous and practical

  • We are thorough and detailed
  • We take responsibility to creating the best outcomes
  • We are pragmatic and solution focused

Be champions of people and systems

  • We help create the conditions for people to thrive
  • We act ‘with not on’ involving and enabling others
  • We recognise the interdependence of people and systems

Be positive and generous

  • We are curious and open to new ideas and possibilities
  • We are energetic and future-focused
  • We create space for active inquiry, learning and reflection
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