I am looking to sense-check one of the games I have designed for REGENASYST.

It’s a strategic risk & opportunities game called Megaforce Muddle and has been designed to help SMEs consider how megatrends might their business, encouraging critical thinking on how to plan for these dynamic emerging risks and opportunities. In addition, it also allows organisations a chance to sense-check any strategic opportunities so that there aren’t unintended consequence on other wider systems when opportunities are capitalised on, so that negative impacts can be mitigated early.

I had always intended to make the games available to other consultants and facilitators to use you their own practice/delivery, if it’s useful to them, and this is where ASP comes in. I am looking to bring together a group of consultants and facilitators who might be interested in testing the online version of the game with me (I have made them available as physical and digital formats). We would be collaborating on Miro (no account or sign up required) but they would need to be comfortable using an online collaboration platform. 


  • Reiteration of the game, and presenting the business case that we will use to play the game 10-15 mins
  • Play the game – 45 Mins
  • Extended version as a facilitator  (for those who can stay) – 15 mins
  • Thoughts and wrap up – 15 mins

My ultimate objective in convening this group is to (start to) answer the following questions/conundrums with a group of willing participants:

  1. Would the game (in its current incarnation) be useful in different sectors, and with different client types – as represented by the group?
  2. Are there any critical items that have been left out? 
  3. Would a resource like this be useful in your own practice?
  4. What do you feel would be a fair price to pay for this as a commercial resource?
  5. Any ideas and suggestions on how to market the game (and wider programme) to help with mitigation and adaptation efforts through the collective of micro and SMEs, and or beyond?
  6. Unexpected emergences

After the game, I will send out a very short survey to capture feedback to ensure we keep the session as brief as possible, to be respectful of people’s time. 

What I can offer in exchange to anyone who would like to use this tool is 50%* discount on the final commercial price of the game, and a credit/acknowledgment on the acknowledgment and collective wisdom page which will live on the regenasyst.com website.

*Anyone who is able to attend the session. A lessor discount opportunity will be offered to the wider ASP membership once the game is officially launched.

Please could all signups/willing participants email me a short business case study with an example of what you are facing in your own practice. This could be a specific client, or a more general issue you see time and again when working with clients. No names need to be divulged, and confidentiality will be expected from all attendees, naturally.

I will then see if there are any common business cases/scenarios emerging and use that as the case study, rather than the the game play being based on something hypothetical, it would be good to use a working example.


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