Will Saunders is the founder and creative director at Good Will Studios – a social enterprise design studio based in Yorkshire. Will works with impact entrepreneurs and teams on social or environmental mission to build their Social Impact Brand, so they can have a purposeful and profitable business that does good.

Kat Luckock is a social entrepreneur and business coach, who helps social enterprises and social impact leaders achieve their vision for social and environmental change with business strategy, sales, and impact measurement.

In this episode we discuss:

– Will’s own story of his purpose and how he redesigned his design agency with purpose at it’s heart

– How to use branding as a force for good

– Will’s powerful social impact brand framework and the 4 step method for building your own social impact brand

Creating Social Impact Podcast with Kat Luckock

You can use Will’s social impact brand scorecard to begin their own journey here: http://socialimpactbrand.co.uk/

In this episode Will has invited you to join his next workshop here:  https://www.goodwillstudios.com/socialimpactbrand

You can also connect with Will on LinkedIn or via his website: https://www.goodwillstudios.com/

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