Are you a consultant, trainer, coach, therapist, mentor, artist, storyteller, author, academic…?

Is your work in one of these areas?

  • Raising Awareness: Sensing what is happening in the world today
  • Positive Action: Respondingmoving from unsustainable to sustainable practices
  • Supporting the players: Helping people stay effective and whole in the face of climate anxiety.

And do you want to reach to engage with a community already in action, striving to ensure the best possible outcomes for themselves and future generations in the area?

Then read on…

ASP is supporting the Humber Eco Fest 2023, a large-scale community event happening across the 4 local authorities of the Humber region, running between 22nd October and 11th November.

This unique festival is a celebration of everyday heroes in the community who are embracing sustainability and making a tremendous impact. From community gardens and forest schools to repair cafes and local food projects, and beyond, these wonderful individuals and groups have ignited a wave of positive change in the local area.

Living in a region at risk from the sea, these projects are transforming climate anxiety into bold action, actively finding ways to mitigate risks and adapt to new challenges.

We wholeheartedly invite all ASP Members to be a part of this important festival, which will be an engaging blend of online engagement and live experiences. Let’s unite in celebrating these projects and join hands in supporting this inspiring initiative.


Here’s how you can engage with the festival


Of course, you can come along and join the fun at one or more of the events! Details will be published shortly.

Co-create an online event or in situ

Bring your expertise, practice, wisdom to the community by co-creating an online or live event with a partner from the Humberside region. Let us know what subject you want to cover (see the themes we are proposing below) and we will find an appropriate local who works in that field who will co-create the event with you. This means your event will be shaped to reflect the local community’s needs and circumstances and could give you a valuable collaborator if there is any follow-on activity.

Together we can see where your contribution best fits in the emerging agenda of the festival.


Would you like to bring your work to one of these themes?

1. Raising Awareness: Sensing what is happening

Sustainability is the outcome of conscious thinking” – so the more we can shine a light on the positive and negative impacts we are having and could have, the better our choices will be.

Your event could cover:

  • Different ways of sensing what is happening e.g. creative practices
  • Our impacts
  • Best practice activities and solutions
  • New ways of thinking, being, living

2. Positive Actions: Responding – moving from unsustainable to sustainable practices

  • Personal and professional responses to climate change and beyond
  • Your work with businesses, communities and individuals aimed at creating positive outcomes and solutions
  • Training e.g. Climate Frest, Climate Literacy…

3. Supporting the players: How we can help people stay effective and whole in the face of climate anxiety.

Yep, we are all susceptible to being ground down and overpowered by the reports of climate change flood the news and social media.

Do you:

  • Help people and communities to build resilience?
  • Support people through coaching, mentoring or therapy to cope and thrive?
  • Provide nature-based opportunities for learning or just being at one with nature?

This framework is neither exclusive nor complete. Your work may fall outside of this framework and yet still be a valid contribution to the overall goal.

Of course, if you are already working with a client or community group in the Humberside region? Can we feature that?


Tell us how you want to engage:

Please complete this short form with details of your possible engagement: YOUR OFFERING

We look forward to hearing from you!

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