I deeply value my connection to domesticated animals and am a keen advocate of positive-only dog training and natural horsemanship. Animal rights, human rights and nature’s rights are interconnected. The planet wasn’t ‘fragile’ until man made our place in it almost untenable. To stay, we must recede, listen, heed and act —  instead of taking more and plundering on. 

My upbringing in the West of Ireland and Ashdown Forest, Sussex, lent me my heart geography — now living in London, I am discovering new versions of wilderness. I would love to collaborate with members in an artistic or software engineering capacity. I have project ideas that combine natural and virtual spaces and engage with climate issues. 

I’ve joined this community to represent ORB’s responsible business community and hopefully connect with multidisciplinary, wiser peers. Thank you for having me!

Membership Manager at ORB – Organisation for Responsible Businesses.

I studied English at University of Cambridge and am now teaching myself Python and JavaScript, alongside working in the movement for better business. 

My current interests include eco poetics, green tech, folklore, and seasonal celebrations. 

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