BUSEF is an alliance between Bournemouth University, ASP and Poole Bay Rotary to champion social entrepreneurship in Dorset.

We support and develop social entrepreneurship within organisations in Dorset through:

  • workshops, seminars and talks focussing on the skills and experience required to run a successful social enterprise
  • social media and other web-based platforms offering information, as well as  promotion opportunities for Dorset based social entrepreneurs

Encourage and support Dorset businesses to adopt a social entrepreneurship approach by:

  • acting as the champion for social entrepreneurship through local business support networks
  • promoting social entrepreneurship as the best way of doing business

Encourage social entrepreneurship among students by:

  • encouraging BU students to undertake assignments, projects with social enterprises
  • facilitating student placements and volunteering with social entrerprises
  • supporting careers and employment to university and college careers teams.

If you want to engage in any way please join our Facebook group #BUSEF

We connect social entrepreneurs with the University’s researchers, Faculty members and the passion, energy and creativity of the students. Relationships are being developed with local businesses and chambers of commerce in three way exchanges of ideas, best practice and resources.

Although we have a local focus, we reach out to entrepreurs and others globally to enrich the conversation and learn from success elswhere.

Online workshops and discussions

In response to covid we are holding regular Zoom meetings that feature local social enterprises and others who have skills, practices and insights to share for both students and social entrepreneurs.

These cover a wide range of topics including:

  • the role of women in social enterprise
  • how students can connect with social enterprises and social entrepreneurs, including placements and work experience
  • connecting social entrepreneurs with other agencies and organisations  – local, national and global, which suport and promote social enterprise
  • the professional business skills needed to set up and run a profitable organisation, including:
    • marketing
    • communications and social media
    • funding and financing
    • business management
    • HR
    • governance
  • the personal qualities – motivation, resiliance, creativity, inspiration – to run a purpose-led organsation that has positive impacts on society, the environment, your “clients”, business partners, investors and staff.

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