Visiting Professor at the University of Chichester Business School

Connecting academia and the world of work

I am interested in how academic and other forms of practice can connect, to their mutual benefit.  To this end – longer than I care to remember – I have been honing my skills and experience as an academic, practitioner in the field, manager, learning facilitator, consultant, critical friend, writer, editor and committee member.  My work has spanned UK and international settings within the public, private, voluntary and higher education sectors.  Clients have included groups and individuals within overseas government departments, international aid agencies, local authorities, NHS Trusts and GP practices Social Services and Probation Departments, the civil service and Higher and Further Education Institutions. 

Connecting writing and practice

As a scholarly practitioner imbued with principles of diversity, sustainability, action learning and communities of practice, I have served as an independent organisational consultant, coach, facilitator, researcher, writer and critical friend.  For some 15 years, I have been a Director of the Association for Management Education and Development (AMED,, an educational charity, Commissioning Editor of, and regular contributor to, AMED’s quarterly journal Organisations and People, and Convenor of the AMED Writers’ Group. I pay particular attention to the role of storytelling and relational practices, and to the contribution that thoughtful writing and conversation, interacting, can make to personal, professional and organisational learning and development. 

Connecting with ASP

AMED and I are now transitioning through a fecund void, and I am hoping to find fertile ground in ASP.   Now a widower, I live with my elderly terrier in Southampton, where I relish walks around the medieval Common, good writing and Platonic conviviality.
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