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Black Chapel Collective’s response to the climate emergency “Connect” wins over 100 International awards

Black Chapel Collective communicating sustainability

Steve Mortimer,Founder

Connect is our response to the climate emergency and our way of trying to inspire other people into action. As a collective of artists, we truly believe that creativity, imagination and education are the key areas that will help us to reset. We need to reconnect with ourselves, our community and the planet to have a truly sustainable future, and that’s what Connect is all about.

“We certainly didn’t anticipate the international success the film has had, but we were sure of the importance of sharing our message with as many people as possible. We’re really excited about all the attention we’ve received, and hopefully this means people are waking up to climate change and are ready to do something about it.”

As well as being selected for over 100 International awards within one year of launching, Connect has received critical acclaim from many respected figures in the industry. Mercury Prize winner Talvin Singh OBE, commented: “Great work The Black Chapel Collective are doing at this challenging
time in the world.”

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