Sports & entertainment as the gateway for engaging consumers in understanding their carbon footprint for travel.

Scope 3 GHG emissions have been largely untouched in auditing as it is complicated and time consuming. Up until the cost of living crisis, consumers did not worry too much about the costs of electricity, water or fuel for their cars, but people have been forced to think more about their heating and transport costs.

The Qatar World Cup was a carbon emissions debacle, an abuse of ESG principles but it did open the debate on the need for sports to focus on its social & environmental responsibilities. You might think that major football clubs audit their fan mobility to home, away and international games or their other carbon emissions from stadiums, offices and training grounds but you would be mistaken.

We have geared Carbon Clarity to utilise pioneering survey software for people mobility and we are using sport & entertainment to accelerate the process of transportation emissions audits and awareness of scope 3 emissions.

Sport and entertainment have a loyal and passionate fan base and through survey software technology, we can not only measure the carbon emissions of individual journeys but more importantly offer travel solutions that save time and money.

Once we have fans engaged in emissions reductions through more intelligent travel then we can use this progress to further provide education & awareness on additional small steps that they can take to reduce their costs and environmental impact.

Carbon Clarity and ASP invite you to a  presentation and demonstration of the sports & entertainment sector plus the technology and process.

See: Professional Tennis Star Measures Travel Carbon Footprint

Professional Tennis player Alexander Zverev, currently ranked No. 13 in the World, and his team have conducted an audit of their carbon emissions for a full year of travel prior to his injury in June 2022.

They discovered that Alexander and his team travels approximately 500,000 kilometers per year, which equates to 250 tons of carbon equivalent emissions over the course of the period from May 2021 to May 2022.

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