“A significant Conference called “Beyond Growth” is happening between 15-17 May, initiated by 20 MEPs from 5 different progressive parties and hosted in the European Parliament and supported by the EU President.  It seeks to tackle the issue that many politicians in the UK refuse to go anywhere near, that of questioning the need for perpetual economic growth.


As sustainability practitioners it would be useful to have shared understandings of realisable/deliverable policies that don’t have perpetual growth at their centre.   Collectivising knowledge gained during the Conference would be great as there are too many sessions for any one person to attend.  

I’m proposing to facilitate an Online “Fishbowl, to help deepen collective inquiry and shared understanding of ways in which the “Perpetual Growth Road-Block” can be removed,  to help with the shift to generative futures.

Below is a Poll to find a day/time that works for as many as those who would be interested to take part (between Wed 31 May – Tues 6 June)”


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