I’m Helen Tyrrell, and I’m delighted to invite you to the next Wisdom Council which I will be facilitating.

Those who know me will know that my background is varied, encompassing art and sustainability, creative change coaching and facilitation – in particular with a process-oriented approach. I believe in the creative power of people and am excited by the emergent possibilities of what ASP could become.

The first Wisdom Council and the ‘Future Self Now’ interviews produced some amazingly wise – and some playful –  insights, thoughts and questions for people to take a look at and listen to. You can review the Wisdom Council #1 insights here, and the Future Self Now insights and film here and here).

In Council #2 we will take a similar approach with time for reflection, speaking and listening, followed by an invitation to some creative participation around the question of “What could ASP become?”.

In the words of the late Dr Chris Seeley,

“The issue we collectively face is one of imagination as much as one of ingenuity, of living into radically different ways of organising ourselves as much as solving problems. How might our lives and organisations evolve in ways that are neither reduced to doom and gloom hair-shirt narratives of less, nor reliant on the unrealistic mantra of business-as-usual-because-technology-will-save-us?”

There is so much richness in the work already done to build on and your evolving thoughts will frame our session so bring them along!

I look forward to seeing you there!

To join us RSVP HERE – or show up on the day! It’s open to all ASP Members.


An overview of the whole process and the outcomes to date can be found here: What could ASP become?” A process overview

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