This August we have held two sessions for ASP Members to get a deeper understanding of the Climate Fresk workshop.

This is a 3 hour collaborative workshop that allows groups to understand the essential issues of climate change in order to take action. The opportunity for Members is to become Facilitators of the Climate Fresk Workshop as a way to achieve this deeper understanding within their own community, corporation, clients or education groups,

Here is the recording from the first session:

Next Steps:

Climate Fresk are creating an on-line workshop specifically for ASP Members to experience the workshop for themselves. Thereafter ASP and Climate Fresk will organise Facilitator Training for Members who wish to deliver the Workshop in their own communities, clients, organ isations etc.

If you missed the first two sessions in August you can catch up here, and register for the Workshop/Facilitator Training sessions.

Online Workshop and Facilitator Training dates and registration to be announced shortly.

Climate Fresk purpose

The Climate Fresk NGO has been working to bring people and organisations on board with the climate transition since the end of 2018. We do this by enabling the rapid growth of climate education and shared understanding of the challenge that climate change represents.

We began this mission in France and are now active in over 40 countries around the world.

Climate Fresk has been growing exponentially, doubling the total number of workshop participants every 5 months. A testament to the educational tool itself, and our user license.


Cédric Ringenbach founded the Climate Fresk NGO in 2018. Its goal is to raise awareness and participation of the workshops and to train and upskill Climate Fresk facilitators.

The organisation has a decentralised and participatory governance structure that was inspired by the Swedish Pirate Party whose principles include do-ocracy, transparency and the right to make mistakes.

Climate Fresk

You can learn more about the statutes and principles of the NGO here
Read our 2020 Annual Report (FR)

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