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David Matthews

Proud dad to five children, new grandad in 2022 and a lifelong engineer always motivated to mend things that need fixing. It’s dawned on me

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Anna Frizzell

I hold a BSc Hons Degree in Environmental Protection and a Diploma in Sustainable Business Practice from the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA.)

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Becks Neale

I help founders who inspire hope in people and the planet, to craft a powerful brand that grows their business and creates the world they

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Holly Evans

Each day sustainability becomes a bigger part of my life. I am the Philanthropy Manager at the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) in Southampton.  NOC is

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Loes van Mierlo

I remember the exact moment I decided to dedicate my life to environmental sustainability. It was the afternoon of October 21, 2018. I was standing

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Nick James

Through my work, I am motivated by helping to create happy, high quality, resilient and efficient places – places that increase wellbeing, minimise negative whole-life

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Bhavik Daya

I’m Bhavik Daya, a third-world-born and raised individual who has recently completed my MSc in the developed world and looking to continue to progress my career

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Nicky Saunter

I am still waiting to see what I am going to be when I grow up. Behavioural change, adaptation and innovation, communities at the edge,

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Adam Hobbs

“I see the challenges of climate change demanding radical rethinking of how society works and in turn how business could operate in a different world

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Adam Winstanley

My passion is in technology and innovation which avoid damaging the planet and make a scalable impact for industry to reduce CO2 emissions and pollution.“

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Ahmed Tiamiyu

I am is a research scientist and an entrepreneur with background in Food and Environmental Microbiology and I am an experienced founder with 7 successful

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Alan Raw

My name is Alan Raw and I am a social entrepreneur working across different sectors, developing carbon-negative blockchain solutions, nurturing creative talent, preserving biodiversity and developing communities

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Amin Pasandideh

Hello Everyone, It’s Amin from Worksity, What I wish for myself and others always include freedom, joy, peace, and the right people to share them

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Andrew Flynn

…I have found my various interests becoming increasingly entangled with growing public anxieties about climate change both as it manifests in the present as well

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Andy Taylor

I’m a partner with Greentech Global ( where our mission is to accelerate everyone to net zero. We do this by investing in and scaling

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Anne Hayden

As a retired GP in Dorset, having for 30 years specialised in helping those with mental health issues and in January 2000 awarded an MBE

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Bob MacKenzie

Visiting Professor at the University of Chichester Business School Connecting academia and the world of work I am interested in how academic and other forms

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