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Danu Poyner

I am a social entrepreneur based in Auckland, NZ, and founder of Grokkist, a global online home for people who lead with curiosity and follow

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Helen Wadham

“Animals are more than species and biodiversity.They are individuals who share the earth with us, shaping our societies and communities.We owe it to animals and

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Elin Themer

I’m Elin, a digital marketing strategist with a passion for purpose-driven marketing. I work with individuals who are focused on making a positive impact on

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Arnold Sanchez

I partner globally with nonprofit organizations, retailers, thrift operators, charity stores, faith-based institutions, logistic companies, and collection agencies to help reduce waste in our communities

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Agnes Bihari

I am a trailblazing international consultant and multilingual leader, based in Budapest, driving global sustainable corporate governance (ESG for short) at multiple multinational companies and

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Alan Raw

Sustainability Practitioner & Climate Fresk Trainer. Member of The Association of Sustainability Practitioners since 2014, also an active member of The Permaculture Association, The CEC

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Alex Bell

I’m Alex Bell, an executive coach working in the socially responsible space in education, business and the third sector. I run a variety of eco-therapeutic

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Amin Pasandideh

Hello Everyone, It’s Amin from Worksity, What I wish for myself and others always include freedom, joy, peace, and the right people to share them

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Andrew Flynn

…I have found my various interests becoming increasingly entangled with growing public anxieties about climate change both as it manifests in the present as well

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Anna Frizzell

I hold a BSc Hons Degree in Environmental Protection and a Diploma in Sustainable Business Practice from the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA.)

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Ash Goddard

Ash is a facilitator and trainer, specialising in the Climate Fresk. He has delivered workshops to over 700 people and 40 organisations. He explores new

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Becks Neale

I help founders who inspire hope in people and the planet, to craft a powerful brand that grows their business and creates the world they

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Bhavik Daya

I’m Bhavik Daya, a third-world-born and raised individual who has recently completed my MSc in the developed world and looking to continue to progress my career

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