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David Nicoll

“…working with smaller, purpose-led, businesses who are looking to embed sustainability across their business and make it work for the long term.” David is a

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David O’Coimin

David O’Coimin is a product and experience designer, digital nomad and social-minded founder with a passion for people, places and planet. Driven by a sense of urgency to accelerate our civic-evolution, David started

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Dr David F. Murphy

Dr David F. Murphy is Associate Professor of Sustainability and Collaborative Leadership and Academic Lead of the Initiative for Leadership and Sustainability (IFLAS), University of

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Dr Sally Campbell

Sally is involved with others in campaigning for Marine Protected Areas and sustainable fisheries. Planning democracy is in short supply in Scotland at the present

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Dr Terence M. Lewis

Dr Terence. M. Lewis. MSc.BSc.EMA. A.S.P.  Principle Energyst at Energyst Consulting with over 35 years of proven experience advising on sustainability, renewable energy, energy efficiency,

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Elise Ferdinando

Working in Transport Planning and Consultancy with a specific interest in Active Travel and Future Mobility in Cities. “The way we choose to travel day

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Elizabeth Harrop

Consultant in Policy, Research & Writing: International Human Rights Advocacy, Environmental Protection and Social Change I am based near Bath and work as a consultant to

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Ellie Hayter

“… how can we solve these problems without imposing our cultures, beliefs and ideals on those with differing cultures, beliefs and ideals?” I have been

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Emma Burlow

I help businesses set and achieve their sustainability goals. I’ve enjoyed working with businesses from start-ups to corporate for 25 years and understand the commercial

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