Eco-Friendly Web Alliance (Shane Herath) worked with a number of ASP members and have been taking them through ‘eco-friendly website accreditation’ process.

Some have managed a big reduction in their carbon emissions of their websites.

Some have already completed the process and are certified. They have been added to the verification directory (website: and will get a quarterly audit.

Some websites have reduced as much as 470% of their carbon emissions and these numbers will make a significant difference when page views add up. 

With a new partnership with Ecologi, Eco-Friendly Web Alliance now offers a seamless accreditation path to climate positivity, switching to green energy another step in the process. Dr Mick Smyer the well-known climate scientist and James Cannings the Co-Chair of the British Interactive Media Association (BIMA) Sustainability Council and the Chief Sustainability Officer of MSQ have joined the already strong Scientific Advisory Board (Gwyn is an Advisor too), which is responsible for review and progression of this Eco Standard, a world first which is gaining great momentum. 

For ASP members and some of their purpose-driven organisations Eco-Friendly Web Alliance (EFWA) is ready to offer another 15 places. If you’re not in the first list, please get in touch with Shane by email [email protected]

In reducing carbon emissions, below are some of the key tips that Shane shared during ASP Workshop ‘Eco-friendly Web Design: how to reduce your website’s carbon footprint.’

  • Images – Pay attention to your images. They account for large part of weight of a web page.You can compress images one by one on this site All you need to do is upload the image, and it will give you the same image that is now compressed (small file size). Then you can add these compressed images on the site, and get rid of the old un-compressed images.
  • Videos – Try to avoid Videos on auto-play. Have a link to open in a host like YouTube or Vimeo. If you have videos on the page itself try to compress them.
  • Any part/component of a website that doesn’t serve much of a purpose, or doesn’t add any value, you can consider removing.

If you need any help with the accreditation or any guidance, please get in touch with Shane who’s always willing to help as he’s currently working on ASP website, a soon to be an eco-friendly website.

Featured Image: Black Chapel Collective

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