Carbon Clarity is a sustainability consultancy based in the UK and Monaco working with brands globally to record, report and reduce their carbon emissions.

Our work is targeted at sectors although we have enjoyed some interesting opportunities that have taken us on unexpected but very welcome journeys.

We are working with long established companies based in yachting and shipping to audit and report carbon emissions within the sectors and then use the latest technology to reduce emissions & waste and drive efficiencies.

On another path, we are working with Scandinavian sports federations to reduce carbon emissions for football teams as well as highly interesting opportunities in tennis.

If any of the ASP members have experience or expertise in any of these sectors, then we would be delighted to set up an introductory video call.

Lastly, we are working with Land Securities in their Leeds Trinity shopping centre to set up a permanent shop with only UK based sustainable brands alongside an experiential space where we will be holding ethical entertainment events. If any ASP members want to know more or live in the vicinity of Leeds and would like to get involved, then in all cases please email [email protected]

Carbon Clarity

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