Every year we respect our responsibilities as an organisation to be publicly accountable for our actions, our impact and our consumption of both natural and environmental resources by holding an “open” Annual General Meeting.

This is not just talking about the “numbers”. It is an opportunity to reflect and look forward. To sense what is happening and explore how we can respond.

This year’s theme is “Thriving” – in the face of all we see, sense and know what is happening in the world.  This is Theresa‘s focus and she will help to create a space to celebrate what each of us, and ASP as an organisation have achieved and look forward to the possibilites that are emerging for the next 12 months.

Alan Raw will introduce the plans for a 3-week “Eco Fest” that he, supported by ASP, is organising for the Humberside region (four local authorities) centred around Hull, his home.  

“it takes 21 days to form a habit” Alan reminds us and this festival of art, growing, eating, singing, planting etc. will be by the residents, for the residents, about the residents who are engaged in positive actions to move to a thriving future.
It will also create a bridge to the local businesses, councils, university and charities to facilitate a whole community conversation about their shared future.  ASP members will be invited to contribute events, workshops, art, ideas… to the locals’ own activities so we (you) will be active contributors to this massive endeavour.  

Alan will explain all.

Photo by 43 Clicks North – Hull

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