I’m so close to completing my Association for Coaching Accredited Diploma… just a few tweaks to my portfolio over the next few weeks and I will be the proud owner of an Advanced Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring from Wise Goose Coaching!

So I find myself at a threshold. Are you at a threshold too in any way?

Maybe you or someone you know is moving in a new direction, or wanting to?

As part of my research I’d love to know how other people are experiencing that teetering on the edge, the hopes, the wishes, the fears, the barriers (internal and external) whether for ‘me’, ‘we’ or ‘world’.

I’d be so grateful to hear about your experiences -please drop me a line if you are happy to share.

This is a no-obligation, unstructured, free chat.

An invitation to talk…..contact me.

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