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ASP – also an “Alliance Of Sustainability Partnerships"

ASP is evolving to address the urgent sustainability issues. We face unprecedented, complex, global challenges that will need new thinking and approaches if we are to meet them within a relatively short period of time – 30 years, one generation.  Our response is to reach out to engage and partner with others in an Alliance of Sustainability Partnerships

ASP has always been about connecting, challenging and supporting individuals (Associates and Members) and we will continue to do that.

Now, additionally, we are developing relationships at the organisational level as well. Standing together to learn how to move from unsustainable to sustainable practices in all aspects of life on earth – connected, supportive, having positive impacts on the global challenges.

Alliance partners


Koru Consulting Ltd and the Association of Sustainability Practitioners’ alliance Koru Consulting Ltd. (Koru) the climate and sustainability engagement specialists and the Association of Sustainability

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Change Agents UK

ASP is delighted to form an alliance with Change Agents UK. We see a real synergy in our work as learning organisations promoting change to sustainable

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