I am a trailblazing international consultant and multilingual leader, based in Budapest, driving global sustainable corporate governance (ESG for short) at multiple multinational companies and intercultural diplomacy. My focus area includes Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) related to SDG 17: partnerships to achieve the goals and SDG 16: strong institutions through Regulatory Risk & Compliance to uphold institutional reputation.

In relation to SDG 4: quality education, I’ve acted as the tutor of the European Union’s INVESTMED project promoting sustainable investment and entrepreneurial capacity building for women and youth on behalf of LUMSA University, Italy. 

I specialized in Biology, Environmental Management and Educational Sciences, hold a master’s degree in Management of the Sustainable Development Goals and a postgraduate specialization in Executive Diplomatic Leadership. I have 28-year’s experience in international events management related to corporate, scientific and sustainable development conferences in the Europe, Middle-East and Africa, Americas and Asia-Pacific regions.

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