Developing action research as an embodied life practice. An online conversation

Gill, Margaret and Judi will offer accounts of action research as a source of core but ever-flexible disciplines they adopt in seeking to act with integrity, in life generally and in the service of systemic change for sustainability.  

If you’re new to Action Research then you’ll see it in practice and learn how you can get started.

The conversation will cover the following themes

  • How they each developed notions and practices of action research
  • How they have integrated formats of inquiry into the varied activities they have engaged in
  • How they keep senses of inquiry alive, ever fresh and developing
  • How they live with the vulnerabilities of engaging in ongoing inquiry
  • In what ways they see these life practices relating to earth conversations
  • Why and how developing action research practices might be relevant to ASP members



An initial learning conversation amongst the three of them, as a triad, a classic co-inquiry form –  including engaging with questions posed by Helena and Jagdish, the ASP hosts who invited this contribution to Earth Conversations – and then opening out to a conversation amongst all participants.


Our Speakers

Gill, Margaret and Judi have multiple identities, with many intersections.  Very briefly: they were all members of the Centre for Action Research in Professional Practice (CARPP) at the School of Management at the University of Bath.  Gill and Margaret subsequently moved to Ashridge / Hult Business School to tutor on MSc and doctoral action research programmes there, and Judi to the Department of Management Learning and Leadership at Lancaster University Management School.

Gill Coleman

Judi Marshall

Margaret Gearty

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