During the Summer and Autumn of 2021 ASP are tackling the question “What could ASP Become?” in a four phase process that gives every member a voice.


1) Wisdom Council #1

A forum to hear members’ thoughts/ideas/ concerns. Facilitated sensitively by Debbie Warrener from Inner Leadership Outer Change in July 2021.

“Real knowledge begins by treasuring the wisdom of the past to create meaning and understanding today.  Wisdom is a loving concern for the continuity of the world”


Wisdom Council #1: “What could ASP become?” Participants’reflections


2) Future Self Now Visioning process

Theresa Sansome has recently guided, individually, members of the Board through this process.

In July and August 2021, six board members and two former board members and members of the Wisdom Council participated in Future Self Now visualisations led by Theresa Sansome.

The purpose of these visualisations was to access each person’s ‘unconscious intelligence’ about the future of ASP. Through this process each visualizer gained greater and, most importantly, heart-felt, clarity about their involvement in ASP and about what is truly possible for the organization – free of all considerations of past (and indeed current) experiences and assumptions.

The following report summarizes the outcomes and commonalities of these visualisations.


The particpants’ responses: View: fsn-report

The review meeting


3) The “ASP Culture Study”

All members were invited to complete Martin Roach‘s Culture Decoder Values survey which captures your views on the values of the organisation: those of the individual members, what you perceive the actual values of ASP are, and what you would want them to be.
ASP Culture Study Survey



The results will be published in October and reviewd by all in November.

Review Your and ASP’s Values -17th November 17:30-19:00


4) Autumn Wisdom Council #2: Review ASP’s Future, 3rd November

An opportunity for Members to review the outcomes of Wisdom Council #1 “What could ASP become?” and the two other related interventions: Future Self Now Visioning and the ASP Values survey.

This Council will be facilitated by Helen Tyrrell.

Dear Members,

It is soon time for ASP’s Autumn Wisdom Council, which has got me thinking more deeply about  Autumn: season of ripeness and of dying back, when the trees let their leaves go with a blazing swan-song display.

I wonder….what are you being called on to let go? What is ASP being called on to let go?

Discover more…

Autumn Wisdom Council #2: review ASP’s Future.

Wednesday 3rd November, 17:30-19:30

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