“From vision to action: Building the sustainable businesses of tomorrow”

The Biden administration’s rapid re-entry into the Paris Agreement has opened up business prospects as the US retakes its position as a political supporter of climate change reduction and elimination on the global stage. Additionally, Larry Fink’s 2021 letter to CEOs articulates that the policy response to climate change will have “dramatic implications for the global economy”, causing a “tectonic shift” in markets, and urges public and private companies to adopt sustainable reporting standards and become net zero carbon emitters by 2050.

SEC regulations and Sarbanes Oxley requirements for financial disclosures has resulted in a significant gap between maturity of the ESG metric disclosure apparatus and what is expected in terms of compliance for financial disclosures. As a result, there is a much slower path to integration in the US than perhaps Europe. There are implications of pending EU regulations and the impact on asset manager/investor expectations regarding information disclosure from portfolio companies. This may end up having a significant impact on ESG disclosures in the near term.

The Moral Money Summit Americas will advance the debate around relationships, money, regulation and how business can be done more responsibly. Beyond climate change, the agenda will explore the concept of an entire organizational transformation, including employee care, diversity and inclusion policies, environmentally friendly production and consumption practices, frameworks, self-regulation and inclusive capitalism. Join leaders and experts from the US, Canada and LATAM as they debate the business reason for private sector action, and the mobilisation of the finance market, in the march towards internationally set targets with a shared vision.

Key themes


US political change and implications for the global climate initiatives


How financiers and business can work together to achieve their joint sustainability goals

Diversity & Inclusion

How business, finance and policy are collaborating to tackle diversity and inclusion issues in North America’s black/African American community

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Speakers and Agenda

Why attend?

Understand: How policy, business and financiers can and will collaborate to work towards a shared vision

Connect: And build relationships with some of the biggest names in your industry during the interactive discussion sessions

Discover: New approaches and strategies to help make your business more sustainable during and post-crisis

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