We’re excited to report that AimHi’s world-leading climate and nature course is back, starting in May!

“This course can provide a flexible and efficient way for staff to engage with the topic and understand how it affects them as individuals, as well as the business as a whole.

So far, we’ve delivered our course to news teams and TV producers, Members of Parliament, Love Island Contestants, scientists, town councils, teachers, farmers and even ice cream makers!” 

Bringing together top-level scientists, educators, behavioural psychologists and expert storytellers, this is a great opportunity for ASP Members and Associates to brush up on everything you need to know about climate, nature and how to make a difference.

“Bang up to date, honest, clear, brave, accurate and accessible. Deeply motivating.
Dave Hampton ASP Director and ‘the carbon coach’

Ready to be re-empowered and make a tangible difference?

Sign up here: http://aimhi.co/climate-course

This course was created in partnership with Cambridge Zero and The Eden Project

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