Projects – a new initiative

Creativity, ideas, visions, and entrepreneurs are in  abundance within ASP’s community.  And we know from our own experiences that sowing the seeds of a project, bringing ideas into reality and then nurturing them almost always works best with some sort of collaboration.  ASP is now creating a space in which these ideas, projects, collaborations can grow and move us towards the sustainable future we all desire.

If you need support to either launch or develop your plans you can now use ASP’s communications platforms to pitch your idea to the community and seek out the support you need. Almost all projects need various forms of support that can be summarised by “FIESTA”:

Funding,  Ideas,  Expertise,  Stuff/Space,  Time,  Advocacy

Just submit your ideas to ASP via the PROPOSE button below. We’ll check it resonates with our purpose and values and then promote it on this site (PROPOSED PROJECTS) and via our newsletter and other social media platforms. Anyone interested in collaborating can then contact you and explore how you can collaborate. It’s your project, not ASP’s: we offer Advocacy and access to the ASP community. The rest is up to you and your team.  At any time that you need other support just contact us and we can see how ASP can help.

All ASP asks is that you support us and our work to support you with a financial donation that reflects the value you perceive we’ve provided for you.

Associates’ Projects