ASP’s purpose is to connect, challenge and support people who share the vision of a more sustainable society. We do this by opening up new territory, addressing countless questions about sustainability from the domestic scale to the global. We learn as we go, finding new, innovative, practical, workable solutions and perspectives that can be passed onto others.

We know from experience that success is more likely when people feel connected to others and to a bigger purpose. It is also more likely when people feel supported, when they feel others around them respect and appreciate their contribution. We have witnessed powerful results when people are challenged; challenged to question their assumptions, to do the right thing, and to do it better.

So we provide a space for connecting with others, swapping stories, sharing experiences; challenging the status quo and our assumptions; supporting each other and collaborating to overcome obstacles, and sharing a common purpose.

All this is done in the spirit of appreciative inquiry, remaining constructive, with mutual respect for our differences and a deeply held assumption of goodwill and good intent towards each other.

That space is not here – it’s in person, on the ASP Group on Linkedin, or on any other forum associates choose which is designed to support exchange.

Here below are some examples of what people say ASP does for them:

“It makes it easier for people to do what they want to do within the context of sustainability” – Mike Zeidler
“It’s a place where you can safely experiment – very quickly open and honest” – Kirsti Norris
“It’s the Association of Soil Particles – it grows the soil and the plants grow themselves” – Mike King
“It’s where you can engage with a variety of people to get things done” – Gwyn Jones
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