People (not companies) can become a part of ASP by introducing themselves via this form. In completing the application, you confirm you’ve read and understood the principles and purpose of ASP, and recognise the need to play your part in making things happen.

ASP aims to provide:

  • Maximum engagement (enabled by diversity in membership)
  • At low cost (enabled by mutual interests and interdependence)
  • with minimal structure (enabled by the dynamics of group interactions)


You’ll get out what you put in – there’s no guaranteed service or return.  Typically, an engaged sustainability practitioner will get some or all of the following: Fresh insights into sustainability practices; practical advice; inspiration; productive connections; constructive feedback; new business; personal development.

Pay as you feel policy

We want to help change‐makers. We know many of you make sacrifices for your passion, and so do we. That’s why we ask people to pay what they think it’s worth, from within their means.  We’d appreciate a nominal donation of some sort when you join because ASP requires constant energy to maintain its form.

Please make BACS payments to: Association of Sustainability Practitioners, Triodos Bank, s/c 16-58-10, a/c 20041969.

NB. Please reference the payment as follows: surname initial_month_year [eg. ZeidlerM_06_16]

We will provide receipts for contributions of more than £50 on request.  Our accounts will be made available online by the end of 2016.


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