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£125 of £4,000 raised
ASP’s mission to help shift behaviour from unsustainable to sustainable practices.  We model our association on nature and this practical shift is the fruit we produce when we have a good growing season.
Money is a critical nutrient – we don’t need much, but for a bountiful harvest we DO need some. The whole concept of ASP rests on the idea that our collective potential creates far bigger differences when we’re well connected.   Connecting requires web services, company admin, social media, a bit of facilitation and  some development support – all of which costs about £4,000 per year.

Please donate if you can, what you can – and if you can’t then maybe another year you can give a little more on behalf of someone less fortunate than you.

Note: £10 qualifies the donor for ‘membership’ of our Association, granting voting rights at general meetings and the possibility of election to the board.

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