AGM & Collaboration Skills Event

13th February (Starts 12:45, ends before 4)

Cooperation is at the heart of ASP’s mission to “promote learning that transforms behaviour from unsustainable to sustainable practices”.  This AGM and event will help us:

  • Work at the challenging edge to accelerate change
  • Support the quality of our efforts
    Make learning connections

Workshop: Mike Zeidler offers simple principles to give partnerships a firm footing for success, with some great techniques for keeping people energised, inspired and committed to working together. Other organisations interested in partnership with ASP will be invited to attend. Duration: 90 minutes. Cost: Pay as you feel

AGM: There are only two items of business. Our constitution doesn’t serve the best interests of our members as well as it did in 2005, so the board will bring a Special Resolution to revise our Articles of Association so ASP is fit for purpose again. The second item is Any Other Business members wish to discuss.  Duration: 10-60 minutes. Cost: Donations for room hire requested


Partnerships, AGM & Networking
13 Feb, 11-12:30 & 13:30 to 3pm
30 Finsbury Square, London

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Expanded board heralds new growth

Visit the ‘people’ page of the ASP website and you’ll be greeted by 6 new faces, as Charles Ainger, Vicky Grinnell-Wright, Jagdish Rottanani, Rob Barnard Weston, Linda Farrow and Helena Kettleborough have all joined the board.

Their arrival sets a precedent, as they’re representing the first ‘organisational’ member of ASP. That member is the alumni group of the masters degree in responsible business practice which ran at the University of Bath from 1996 to 2012 and Ashridge from 2012-18.

ASP was founded by alumni of this course, so it made sense to invite alumni to stay connected via ASP now that they have no university ‘home’.

Alumni aren’t obliged to affiliate with ASP, but their network as a whole has a single members vote on ASP business. The newly appointed directors are responsible for this body within the ASP membership.  Any questions, please write

Membership Fees – IMPORTANT (so we can do stuff!)

Since 2011 the ASP board has experimented with a ‘gift economy’ model. On 16th December 2018, the board agreed to reintroduce membership fees because the injection of financial energy will greatly benefit the Association. The new rules are:

i) Those who subscribe to ASP groups or lists may do so for free, and they will be considered ‘associates’.

ii) Those who pay an annual fee are considered ‘members’, and they are eligible to vote at General Meetings and participate in the decision making process of ASP.

iii) The fee for membership is discretionary, but may not be less than £10

Please invest in your association today

To become a member of ASP, please make a payment to ‘ASP’ at Triodos Bank, Sort Code 16-58-10, a/c no. 20041969.
Please clearly state ‘Membership’ in the payment reference box.

Campaigning Forum

This event deserves it’s excellent reputation and with only 125 places it’s worth considering noweven though it’s not until April. Campaigners, fundraisers, volunteer managers, media officers, policy experts, digital experts/innovators and thought leaders all come together to connect, share and learn from each about how to influence change.  ASP will be there. Full details here


ASP has just started to run a service allowing members to ask each other questions, make offers, or ask for advice. It was requested by the rbp alumni group, and is exclusive to them.

The service costs c.50p/contact/month or £7/person/year when £1 is allowed for ASP admin costs.
Would you like to be able to connect directly with fellow associates and members in this way?

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