ASP, created by alumni of the masters degree ‘Responsibility in Business Practice’ (Rbp) back in 2006, has returned to its roots.   As the final cohort of masters students graduate on 3rd November from Ashridge, the alumni have determined to seek a new home from which to consider the future of the community.

The New Academy of Business (NAB), which co-created the Rbp masters with the University of Bath, is the parent of ASP.  In 2005, Mike Zeidler, both an Rbp graduate and a trustee of NAB, ran a consultation with alumni, New Academy staff and Rbp course tutors to help NAB determine its future.  The conclusion was that NAB had served its purpose and should close, but live on in spirit through a new Association to nourish a community of learning practice after university courses were finished.

Whilst an exclusively Rbp alumni network formed in 2008 in parallel with ASP, it has remained an unincorporated association without the facilities for managing money or a constitution to govern decision making.   Since ASP’s systems are designed to serve the same purpose and its governing documents support the alumni’s intentions, ASP is now providing these masters alumni with the support they need to determine their future as a community.

Alumni of the masters degrees from Bath and Ashridge are warmly invited to nominate themselves to the board of ASP in order to oversee restricted alumni funds in ASP and to make related decisions on behalf of the alumni community.

The applications of those named below will be considered at an EGM of the ASP board,  where pending approval, they will be appointed.  The date of the meeting will be confirmed shortly.

Nominations as at 1st November 2018

Helena Kettleborough
Charles Ainger

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