The Association of Sustainability Practitioners runs a board meeting every month, hosted by members of the board.   Meetings are run on a flexible rota to maximise the chances that every associate will be able to attend at least some meetings if they choose (online attendance is available).   Associates wishing to attend should register their intent by writing to
 There is a standing agenda for directors meetings in two parts:
1) monitoring and supporting organisational health
2) facilitating learning and action which move us in the direction of our mission

Meetings follow the 4 principles and law of Open Space (nicely laid out here) – in short, it’s OK to arrive or leave according to your needs and we’re all responsible for our own engagement.  Meetings last as long as the group feels is necessary. We’re beginning the year assuming meetings will be roughly 90 minutes long, but will track and report on duration to improve our estimation.

Here is the schedule for 2018
Jan – Mon 15th 9:00am: Kate Chapman
Feb – Tues 13th 11am: Nicki Davey
Mar – Weds 14th 4:30pm: Dave Hampton
Apr – Thurs 19th 6pm: Gwyn Jones
May – Fri 18th 7:30am: Clare Moody
Jun – Sat 16th 11am: Jenny Paton
Jul – Mon 16th 4:30pm: Martin Roach
Aug – Tues 14th 6pm: Debbie Warrener
Sept – Weds 12th 7:30am: Mike Zeidler
Oct – Thurs 18th 11am: Kate Chapman
Nov – Fri 16th 4:30pm: Nicki Davey
Dec – Sat 15th 6pm: Dave Hampton
NB.  dates will not change, times and hosts may vary.   ASP board meetings are quorate with any two directors.
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