An Opportunity

Peaceful Belly: Supporting people’s health and the ecosystem, and creating bridges between professional chefs and people in their communities who are passionate about cooking, with Ayurvedic food and cooking while creating an innovative, transparent  business model following in the footsteps of Pukka and Farephone, developed collaboratively, potentially through the Theory U process.

{Regarding Theory U, I am currently enrolled on the u.lab 1x which began September 14th 2017, which others could join after the state date. (see: And for an account of my own journey with Theory U: theory-u-lucys-story)}

Overview of key needs (FIESTA):

Funding: Not at this point

Ideas: a small group of people interested in taking the business side of this forward with me, beginning with a dragon dreaming workshop to set the foundation for a collaborative venture.

Expertise: social media skills; marketing skills; professional business plan advice, help with taking the website to the next level, initially in terms of design and photography

Space/Stuff: nothing immediately


Advocacy: contact to chefs and people cooking passionately within sustainable food projects


Peaceful Belly is an initiative that I have been working towards for the last 5 years, using the Theory U model. Theory U is a process that isn’t linear, to understand how this process impacted the initial question – how I could work with food in a way that supported the health of people and the ecosystem we are part of, I have created a timeline of the development of Peaceful Belly in narrative form which you can access here, which also describes the vision that developed.

Using the theory u process the development of this vision has taken many different turns, as I learned to consistently come back to the bottom of the U for each next step forward, sometimes my ego started to take control without my noticing, but things always came to a standstill or challenging situations started to occur  when this happened. It has been an exhilarating learning journey!

Project Summary

Two clear ways forward have developed, production of two books and a website to support making Ayurvedic food and health advice available to everyone, rooted in the gift and mainstream economies, and the potential for an Ayurvedic food business, rooted in the mainstream economy or mainstream and gift economies, following in the footsteps of Pukka Herbs, which by 2017 had an annual turnover of £30 million pounds – recently bought up by Unilever, with the co-founders continuing to guide the ethical nature of the business.

  1. Production of two books and a website

  • The first book, Peaceful Belly, which aims to be published towards the end of 2017, explains in clear terms how to apply the principles of Ayurveda to create a healthy digestion, which is the foundation for a healthy body and mind. Over the last decade there has been a growth in western scientific research that shows a compromised digestion underpins many of today’s lifestyle illnesses of body and mind. This is something Ayurveda knew 5000 years ago, and the Ayurvedic approach offers a clear and simple way forward to create the conditions for a great health.
  • 50% of the profits from this book will be going to the World Health Heroes Foundation, a new initiative that aims to make complementary health available to groups, schools, the elderly and those on the lowest incomes.
  • The second book – 75% of the profits potentially donated to the Care for a Square project, which will support community food growing initiatives.
  • This book will feature the chefs whose recipes are posted on the Peaceful Belly website in the Peaceful Belly Deli, along with the food creations of people passionate about creating sustainable recipes and involved with community food projects. I supply them with the ingredients, tastes and qualities and they produce a recipe, I write a post about them and feature them on the Peaceful Belly website in The Peaceful Belly Deli, along with information about the place they work or project they are involved in, and use this as one of the ways I build a social media following to benefit us all. It is anticipated that some chefs will enjoy the process and stay for the long run – 6-12 months, in this way I build a portfolio of their work, their story will be there for all to follow. We will all be involved in producing a fantastic resource of world cuisine to which Ayurvedic principles have been applied, which I will explain in simple terms for the reader, and The Peaceful Belly Deli book will be the end result. We will all be sharing through our social media platforms in order to build momentum for all of us. It is anticipated that there will be some chefs that would like to get involved with setting up the first Peaceful Belly deli (cafe and take away, see 2. Ayurvedic Food Business Potential), again rooted in an innovative sustainable ecological business model. The same social media platform will promote the community food projects and their cooks that get involved.


  • Share the Ayurvedic model of health in a really accessible way
  • Make a contribution to preventative health care – Support people to understand how to create the conditions for good health
  • Explain to people the principles for reversing the conditions of ill health
  • Get people excited to cook food that doesn’t demonise any ingredient, but uses the Ayurvedic common sense, energetic, holistic approach to enable people to understand what will benefit them throughout the changing circumstances of their life – in Ayurveda no food is good or bad, it’s all about context, the Peaceful Belly book introduces the context and the accompanying website supports the journey into experiential understanding.

What has been achieved so far:

  • Initial website created, needs taking to the next level
  • Branding created
  • First draft of Peaceful Belly book written
  • 3 publishers interested in the Peaceful Belly book, if a social media following is achieved
  • Initial plan to create a social media following with The Peaceful Belly Deli on the website with links to instagram, facebook and twitter in place
  • A number of chefs expressing interest in the project
  • First draft of marketing pack for chefs and those growing and cooking food to promote sustainable community who would like to take part ready to send out
  • closed facebook community supporting people with Ayurvedic advice for digestive challenges, ready to come alive again after a period of dormancy while I decided whether to move this to a forum on the website…

What is needed initially:

  • people who can help me build my social media following and create a marketing strategy
  • connections to more chefs and people involved with and passionate about community cooking, and community growing and cooking
  • support with developing the online website and forum in a way that empowers people and community and is rooted in gift

  1.  The potential for an Ayurvedic product based business and deli called Peaceful Belly


  • realise the potential of the Peaceful Belly brand
  • use theory u to develop a truly innovative, equitable business model that supports the economies and communities where it operates, and puts the planet and people before the profit motive, telling the story of this on the website as inspiration for others

There are a number of pathways this could take, for instance the Peaceful Belly Deli, products on shelves, Farmers markets, Ayurvedic Food and Cleansing box scheme, Sattvic Kitchen food box scheme. The idea is to work with others who are interested in creating an innovative business model, using the Theory U process so that the collaboratively we can discover what business model and pathway/s want to emerge, to discover together what wants to come into existence (Theory U). This could work well for people interested in finding a business project vehicle through which to experience and work with the Theory U process. We could begin with a Dragon Dreaming workshop so that we move forward in a truly collaborative way.

What has been achieved so far:

  • Small amount of market research carried out in relation to Ayurvedic food products through a farmers market stall for 8 months in 2016
  • 3 possible pathways the product side could be developed identified: shops/supermarkets, farmers markets, Peaceful Belly Deli

What is needed:

  • A few people who feel excited by the idea of working with Theory U and would enjoy creating an innovative, transparent business model, in the footsteps of Farephone, that supports the economies and communities where it operates putting the planet and people before the profit motive.

The business case

The market potential for the Peaceful Belly Book:

  • 2016 Yoga in America Study Conducted by Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance shows the number of US yoga practitioners has increased to more than 36 million, up from 20.4 million in 2012, while annual practitioner spending on yoga classes, clothing, equipment, and accessories rose to $16 billion, up from $10 billion over the past four years.

The market potential for Ayurveda and the product side of this initiative:

  • The total UK annual spend on alternative health treatments is £4.5 billion, a market that has grown by nearly 50 per cent in five years (Complementary medicine: seeking out alternatives, The Telegraph 24 July 2017).
  • The business prospects amount to a $20 billion ready market, which is growing at a very fast rate and would become a $5 trillion market worldwide by 2050 (
  • Pukka Herbs just sold to Unilever, their annual turnover was £30 million in 16 years, one of the pulls for Unilever was the success with which Pukka had created an ethical base and persona in the marketplace, with a successful business model that held to its values.


If you want to know more or explore how you can collaborate email Lucy on:

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