Dear Fellow ASP Members,

A wonderful opportunity has come up for me and I am curious if you are interested in making this dream a reality for me: I have been granted permission to resuscitate the Green Yoga Association by the original founders at Metta Earth Institute (a Center for Contemplative Ecology).

In this time of massive cultural upheaval and accelerating climate change, I feel an immense call to action. I want to be one of the leaders who guide people out of this chaotic turbulence, through the implementation of a remarkable initiative: Ecotherapy.

While there are successful projects in the UK, including many funded by Primary Care Trusts, ecotherapy is still on the margins of mental health policy and service provision. New research presented in’s report Ecotherapy: the green agenda for mental health shows green exercise has particular benefits for people experiencing mental distress. The World Health Organization predicts depression (a nature deficit disorder) will be the greatest cause of ill health globally by 2020. I aspire to be one of many Ecopsychologists who help people heal from that debilitating illness.

The resuscitation of the Green Yoga Association will bring me one step closer to that goal.

Currently, I am seeking collaborations with like-minded individuals so we can create a better world together! As a someone who shares these values, it occurred to me that you maybe able to help me with this mission.

I am asking:

  • professional fundraisers and
  • social media marketers

to help me with the startup cost. Is it possible for you to assist me by making a generous investment of your time and energy? Your investment comes with a variety of perks including a founding member designation, online yoga courses and a yoga retreat.

If you would like to partner up with me on this entrepreneurial endeavor, feel free to contact me via email at :

Thank you in advance for your investment! I look forward to healing the world with you!

Love & Light,
Dieula Jean Pierre

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