ASP will be holding it’s fourth Great Wisdom Gathering on 7th June 2017 at the Chantry House, Henley-upon-Thames.

This is an Open Space opportunity for drawing on the knowledge, experience and skills of our network to explore the biggest issues of our lives.”Since 1995, I’ve been bringing independent groups of people into partnerships to scale up change. I’ve collected an immense wealth of effective tools and facilitation tricks over the years, constantly hunting for ways to improve our human condition.

I’ll be showcasing a practical tool to help people find the simplicity at the heart of complexity – making it easier to find our way to ‘big system’ change. The tool, inspired by the scientific mission to find a ‘theory of everything‘, is called Gravity Mapping. I will explain how I’m using it to bring networks of networks together to promote economic prosperity, environmental protection and social equity all at once.

Participants will be able to experiment with a bit of personal and collective mapping, so (in theory) the session has the potential to produce a bit of big system change!”If you like the sound of that, or have your own offer to declare – register for the event now, post your session to the ASP group on Linkedin and we’ll promote if from there.

Mike Zeidler


We’ll be creating and sharing a meal together so bring some of your favourite food for others.

Reserve your place: RESERVE

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