The Association of Sustainability Practitioners (ASP) is here to promote learning that transforms behaviour from unsustainable to sustainable practices

We provide each other with the space to safely explore the challenges of this journey through mutual support and helpful connection.

The Association is powered exclusively by the energy of those who opt to join. People, groups, ideas and activities come and go with a natural momentum as purposes are served. ASP is always here.

People can regard themselves as Sustainability Practitioners eligible for this community as long as they can say with confidence each year:

Challenge – ‘I’ve been actively engaged with issues of sustainability’
Support – ‘I’ve contributed to the community in some measurable way’
Connect – ‘I’ve shared learning and practical experiences in this community’

The answer to the question ‘What does ASP do?’ depends on what you make of ASP.  To see what ASP does for others, take a look at the Purpose page.

This website describes what, how and why ASP is here – the practical business of transforming behaviour happens wherever your energy takes it.

If you like what you see you can apply to join us here


‘All I really want… to do, is to bring out the best in me and you’ Joni Mitchell
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